Calling all Mary Girls!!
Hey, have you posted your thoughts on the SFBall forums?

I'd really like to know what your thoughts of the weekend are!

Head on over to and post your thoughts!


p.s It was really good to meet you all and thanks for making the weekend such a blast!! Best event I've been to for a while! :-)

SF Ball promo Video

Look at me! ! ! I'm embedding media! Very pleased with myself!

Watch this - if you like the look of it Reunion is coming up soon!


This is my first post, and a very nice post I will try to make it.

Hello to all the Mary Girls I met at the ball - I hope you're doing ok! 

Add me as a friend (with a bit of an idea of who you are e.g. Most stylish attendee, the one with the hat etc cos i can't remember who you all were!)

I'll keep you updated on whats happening in the world of SFB and what guests we have coming!



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