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Mary McDonnell DVD's from SFBall
Dear All,

I have read your comments with interest and have passed them on to the Production team to investigate. We are aware that there is a problem with some DVD’s not working in all DVD players and hope to have a more definite answer for you soon. Such is the nature of DVD-R recording that we cannot guarantee compatibility with every DVD player, but we have tried to make them as compatible as possible.

If you are experiencing problems with the DVD’s please do let us know as the more information that we have on them the better we can remake them.

If yours doesn’t work at all please be in contact with us and we will send out a replacement.

Currently the disk is only available in PAL format although we are trying to find out if we can produce in NTSC.

With regards to the pricing it was not arbitrarily put up by £3 as some have suggested. The DVD was always going to be priced at £12.99 and I suggested, as we knew there would be lots of you at Birmingham who would be interested in it, that we have a special launch price of £9.99.

Regarding the editing, I have spoken to the editor who assures me that the footage is as complete as we could make it. There is a physical limit on the DVD’s themselves regarding how much footage you can put on. In order to keep it to one DVD we had to make a few cuts so that all the Q &A could be included in Full. We did try to keep as much in there as possible. From our point of view there was not enough footage to warrant going on to 2 disks and the extra work, materials, postage etc that would have been involved, also the amount we would have had to charge for 2 DVD’s for this very reason would not have been fair to you.

I hope that these comments go some way to answering your questions. If you have any further problems please feel free to PM me. If you want to email us our contact details can be found on



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Hey Aby

Thank you so much for the explanations for the stuff we have been talking about - the disc doesn't work on my player, but it does on my compter, so I'm good :-)

I had no issues with the price - and would probably have paid more if you had asked:-)

As for the editing, I would have preferred the whole thing split on two discs if that had been the issue.
And I guess I'll have to agree to disagree with the editor :-)

All in all I'm glad we got most of it to relive.

So thank you for your post and all your hard convention work :-)

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