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More Pictures!
Some more pictures for your delectation!



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OH MY GOOOD!! Pictures of us on the floor! How embarrasing is that!! xDDD But it's not my fault! Blame it on the boogie beer! ;)

Hey Aby!!!
YAY SF BALL! So much fun! SOOOOO much fun :)
Good pictures! I recognise some of those people! :D
Who are all the people in the last picture?

We were the little group of Spanish people :) I would have like to talk a lot with all of you but my English isn't exactly fluent yet T___T I hope we'll be able to see each other in another convention! :D

Well I don't speak a word of Spanish so if we ever meet at a convention or anything, feel free to force me to learn Spanish :) You'd be doing me a favour :D

And your English is rather good! I mean, I can totally understand what you're saying and isn't that the important thing? :)


LOL We gave it all!!! Well maybe yok's right and it was the beer / beersssssss XDDD

thank you for the pics Abby!

Aww, the Spanish Mary girls! ♥

Yay Aby! Thank you so much for being so friendly @ Birmingham by the way. We were a little nervous when we saw the SF Ball table even though all that has been long forgotten by us both. Really awesome to see you! XxXx

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