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SFB Withdrawal

Just as BSG finishes (and I havn't seen the last episode yet so don't spoil it for me!) I have some pictures for the lovely Mary Girls from The Ball!

Enjoy and I hope they bring back some Happy Memories!

There are more to come so watch this space!



Ps Please Remember the images are Copyright SFB Events.

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Nice pics. look forward to more. :)

i see a few familiar faces there too.

SFB withdrawal. GODS, I miss that weekend so frakkin' much. Lets hope we can make it to Reunion.

And those pictures are GOOD!

And also, dude, will there be an SFBALL DVD this year?

There is a plan for one - but as I've said elsewhere the people putting it together will be doing it in their spare time so bear with us!

Hopefully the Pictures will keep you going!


I understand :) I was just curious to see if one was to be made


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